At Cave Kouroum we are dedicated to confirming excellence and sustaining our commitment to the making of superb wine.
In the heart of the Bekaa on the slope of the Barouk Mountain lies the village of Kefraya. Known for many decades as the major supplier of grapes to be used in wine production, the village was and still the annual meeting place of the wine merchants in search of grapes. In his hometown, Mr Bassim Rahal started his first step as a ... read more

In the heart of the Bekaa on the slope of the Barouk Mountain lies the village of Kefraya. Known for many decades as the major supplier of grapes to be used in wine production, the village was and still the annual meeting place of the wine merchants in search of grapes. In his hometown, Mr Bassim Rahal started his first step as a negotiator of sales of most of the grape harvest, many producers looked to him for guidance and help. In 1998 Mr. Rahal made the risky decision to start a new winery. Thus, Cave Kouroum was born and the 1998 vintage (Brut de Cuve) was an especial pride and joy, receiving extensive appraise at Vinexpo Bordeaux in 2001.

  • A New Winery in an Ancient Land

    Like a modern day cathedral in the heart of the Kefraya Village nestled at the western slope of the Barouk Mountain, Cave Kouroum overlooks the valley with its majestic modern architecture. The result is an impressive building tied together at different levels in a play of natural light and shadow aesthetics.

    Covering an area of 7500m2 the ultra modern winery holds an annual capacity of 4 million liters. The upper part of the building has a large and elegant patio with a tasting room for visitors whereas the totality of the lower part is devoted to vinification and ageing of wine.

    This state of the art winery is deemed to be the most modern vinification facility featuring the latest technologies and gaining a reputation for growing high quality grapes and producing world class wine.

  • Our Wine Philosophy

    Our philosophy is simple: ripe grapes, gentle handling, and attention to details, timely intervention and thoughtful blending.

    A blend of traditional methods and new techniques is used to achieve such harmony within the wines, bringing out their natural qualities to the forefront.

    All are harmoniously combined to offer an exceptional wines to cater to varied consumer preferences from the unique Lebanese soil.

  • Vineyard Profile

    Cave Kouroum vineyards lie on the eastern slope of the Barouk Mountain at an altitude of 900 m above sea level covering an area of 80 hectares.

    Our vineyards are a combination of sun, soil and soul; they offer the best premium wine associated with a minimal vineyard manipulation and intervention coupled with distinctive natural attributes. Most of the vineyards are inclined eastwards to allow for maximum sun exposure. The soil is granular clayey calcareous with a pH of 8.2.

  • Grape Varieties

    Our vineyards offer a variety of grape vines: for the red and rose wines the varieties include Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, Grenache, Carignan, Gamay, Pinot Noir, Marselain, and Cinsault. For the white wines there is the Muscat, Grenache Blanc, Clairette, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier and Chardonnay.

  • Citadelles Du vin 2015

    The 2015 edition of Les Citadelles du vin hosted more than 1200 wines from more than thrity countries around the world.

    This competition rigorously applies the standards laid down by the OIV both in tasting and monitring samples; respecting the number of non-french jurors in each jury having at least 20% of nationalities represented, blind tasting are performed, and the awards are presented to less than 30% of wines enetered.


  • Le Liban Sexy

    Vinexpo 2005


    Kouroum: c’est l’affiche la plus sexy du salon: une femme assise sur la plage, dos nu et tenant une bouteille de vin blanc à bout de bras. On la trouve sur le stand du producteur libanais Cave Kouroum, dans le hall 1. Le président de cette cave, Bassim Rahal, est heureux de son effet : « J’ai voulu représenter l’association vins blancs et fruits de mer. La photo a été réalisée sur la plage de Beyrouth. » Bien que propriétaire egalement dans les Cotes-de-Provence, notre interlocuteur n’a que vaguement entendu parler de la loi Evin. « Apres le salon, je mettrai l’affiche dans notre cave. » Cave Kouroum est une des six caves libanaises présentes à Vinexpo. Elle commercialise 700,000 bouteilles. Vu la fréquentation du stand, on est peu inquiets pour eux.

  • Entoria - The great adventure

    Cave Kouroum

    The last winery born in Lebanon

    1st part: The great adventure


    Since time immemorial, the vineyard has thrived on Lebanese soils, doubtless making this eastern Mediterranean country one of the oldest wine producers in the world. This historical centre of this age old tradition in the Bekaa Valley, a high plateau protected by Mount Lebanon and Anti-Lebanon mountain ranges in the western part of the country. Already known as the Breadbasket of Rome in ancient times, the Bekaa Valley continues to produce 90% of Lebanese wines. It is on this land, perched at an altitude of 1,000 metres, that Bassim Rahal, a Lebanese businesman who has always been involved in the grape and wine business in his country, created Cave Kouroum. Officially inaugurated in May 2002, Cave Kouroum is one of the most beautiful wineries in the Middle East where technical prowess and innovative design go so well together while setting a premium on know-how and the love of wine.


  • Enotria - The wine cathedral

    Cave Kouroum

    2nd Part: The wine cathedral

    From the road that winds through the vineyards in the south of the Bekaa Valley, the visitor can not miss cave Kouroum winery. It must be said that the landscape, straight out of a passage from the bible, it is an impressive sight!

    Nestled into the hillside, the winery towers above the valley with its majestic modern architecture. With its “watchtower” that seems to keep an eye on the vineyards and its white silhouette that creates a striking contrast with the deep blue sky of the Bekaa, Cave Kouroum winery looks like a modern-day cathedral. This impressive building comes together at several levels in a play of natural light and shadow where aesthetics are a function of practical and technical requirements of the winery. The upper part of the building has a large elegant patio with a tasting room for visitors whereas the totality of the lower part is devoted to the vinification and aging of wines.

    With maximum protection from the hot winds that constantly blow down the Bekaa Valley, conditions have been created to maintain an ideal temperature for the preservation of the wines. As for the process followed by the precious fruit, the layout of the winery sets the tone. Here, everything is done by gravitation. Each level corresponds to a work station, from the receiving platform for the grapes to the aging cellar. Entirely computer assisted, this temple of modernism is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment adapted to local climate conditions. At the centre of the vinification area, huge double walled thermo-regulated stainless steel tanks control the temperature throughout the process, while the impressive concrete fermentation cellar in the “belly” of the winery provides the best possible conditions for preserving the wines. For the aging of several selected blends, there is a huge room steeped in darkness and silence with an aging cellar equipped with big oak barrels and casks. The entire production is bottled on a bottling line located in the cellar. In keeping with Lebanese tradition, a room especially equipped to distil marc, lees and press wine is reserved for the production of Arak; the famous national drink born from a triple distillation and flavoured with green anise seeds. Natural vinification techniques are used for constant experimenting in the cellar, guaranteeing, to the greatest extent possible, a process that brings out the best aromas and flavours of the wine. White wines, “bled” roses and reds are all the result of traditional vinification techniques. For the vinification of red wines, four to five days of alcoholic fermentation precede a maceration period ranging from 15 days to a little over a month, depending on the profile of the desired wine. Thanks to a healthy harvest, mainly based on organic viticulture techniques and a combination of traditional and modern techniques used by Cave Kouroum, the natural qualities of the wines are emphasized to create a harmonious outcome.

  • Enotria - The wines

    Cave Kouroum

    3rd part: The wines

     It was one year ago that Cave Kouroum winery, the latest winery born in Lebanon, was inaugurated with a great deal of pomp and circumstance. The winery is owned by Bassim Rahal, a Lebanese businessman who has always been involved in the wine industry of his country and who is also the owner of Chateau de Mauvanne, Cru Class of Cotes de Provence in Hyere, France, where he spends a great deal of his time. We are more likely to find him in the vineyards then in a casino or one of the gourmet restaurants of the Cotes d’Azur. Deeply attached to the land, he likes to follow the work of the vineyard and does not hesitate about helping out on the bottling line.

    The quality and diversity of the Cave Kouroum wines perfectly reflect the personality and no doubt the vision of its Lebanese owner. A world unto itself that will transport you to the southeast of the Bekaa plain, between 950 and 1,100 metres in altitude, to the heart of the Lebanese way of life.


  • Aperitif
  • Vino


    Cave Kouroum de Kefraya


    C’est la dernière création qui n’est pas passée inaperçue dans la quiétude biblique de la Vallée de la Bekaa, située à 20 km de Chtoura. Nous avons été invites à son inauguration en mai 2002 et assez impressionnes par cette nouvelle réalisation due à l’initiative de Bassim Rahal. Cette implantation ultramoderne, une des plus belles du Moyen-Orient a été opérationnelle en un temps record. En 1998, les raisins arrivaient sur la propriété, pratiquement en même temps que l’on installait les cuves. Le bâtiment termines en 2001 superbes et fonctionnels ont été dessines par un architecte libanais. Ils peuvent contenir plus de 10,000 hl dans ce qu’on appelle déjà la «  cathédrale du vin ». Des vins très variés ici aussi dans les trois couleurs, plus de l’Arak. Peu de futs, pour l’instant du moins, ou l’on préfère des vins de plaisir, tendres et fruite dans des cépages européens traditionnels plus quelques autochtones.

  • La Revue des Comptoirs

    Les vins de l’amour

    Cave Kouroum, à Kefraya, propriété de Bassim Rahal. Vaste cathédral moderne, à l’architecture grandiose et à l’agencement hyper rationnel, cette cave située dans un décor grandiose est l’aboutissement de sa passion pour cette terre.

  • Journal de La Corse

    Cave Kouroum de Kefraya, Liban


    Les Libanais de la Cave Kouroum ont des vins qui, en bouche, sont fortement assimilables aux nôtres.

    Nous avons retenu deux : Le Rose D’amour, qui est le fruit d’une macération entre la pellicule et le jus de raisin, et le Blanc Perle qui a été obtenu par pressurage direct de l’Ugni blanc, de la Clairette et de cépages libanais, suivi d’une vinification traditionnelle.

  • Vinavenir

    The creation of the biggest modern wine cellar in Lebanon

    On May 11th 2001, European journalists, suppliers, and other personalities were invited to celebrate the inauguration of the Cave Kouroum cellar in Kefraya, owned by Basism Rahal, a Lebanese businessman who has forever been involved in his country’s vine-growing as well as owning the Chateau de Mauvanne in Provence (Franc).

    Nothing was overlooked for the creation of one of the most beautiful Middle Eastern cellars, located in the district of Kefraya, in the southwest of the Bekaa Valley. Designed by the architect Elie Abi Nassif, according to the sketches of the oenologist – consultant Yves Morard, the new cathedral like construction judiciously combines technical features and innovative design.

    Built on a hillside topped by a lookout tower, the imposing structure is built around different levels. Equipped with ultra-modern machinery and built underground spaces sheltered from the hot winds of the Bekaa, the cellar offers optimal conditions for the wine making process and the preservation of its wines. This wine grower owns a hundred or so hectares and already produces a nice range of 11 wines with different styles: fruity roses, elegant whites, and typical warm reds. Even if some are already known like the Brut de Cuve 98 voted Silver Trophy at Bodreaux’s Vinexpo, discovering the Blanc reserves, rose d’amour and red Cinsault 99 are highly recommended.

  • The Magazine


    The Lebanese producer Cave Kouroum caught the attention of The Magazine during a wine tasting at Hotel Continental in Oslo in January. Their charming representative achieved this by means of a generous presentation of all their wines. What pleased The Magazine most was the fine concentration in virtually all the wines. This suggests a good selection of grapes and it did not surprise us when it was explained that there are many good vines on the estate.

    From July onwards the wines will be featuring in Vinmonopolet’s ordering catalogue, but they have already sold several thousand bottles mainly to restaurants during the last twelve months. Even though the price is higher than some French wines, this is a good wine buy in relation to quality.

  • Vino Magazine

    Une aventure un peu folle

    Elle voit le jour dans la belle région de la Bekaa a 20km au sud de Chtoura d’où l’on domine la pleine. Ecoutez son promoteur et propriétaire : Bassim Rahal : » Kefraya est le premier village entièrement viticole au Liban ou les négociants venalent s’approvisionner en raisins. Tout allait bien jusqu’en 1997 ou les négociants abandonnèrent quelques 150 tonne de raisins. J’étais le principale viticulteur et courtier de Kefraya. De nombreux petits agriculteurs comptaient sur moi … Que faire ? J’ai pris la décision audacieuse de vinifier la récolte 1997 dans des conditions invraisemblables. Elle fut sauvée ! Idem pour 1998, les cuves fabriquées le jour, transportées et installées la nuit, étaient remplies le lendemain … Malgré ses difficultés notre vin fut superbe. A Vinexpo 2001, avec Yves Morard naquit l’esquissée de ce qui serait une des plus belle cave du Moyen-Orient ». Apres des tracasseries administratives et autres, en novembre 1999 commencent les premières fondations et en septembre 2000 les vendanges dans ce pays merveilleux et tant convoité ! Le challenge semble gagne ! L’inauguration date du 11 mai dernier. Un grand vignoble prend son envol, plein de promesses.

  • Le vin, une culture ancestrale

    Le vin, une culture ancestrale

    Même si les libanais aiment boire de l’arak pour accompagner leur mezee (repas compose d’une trentaine de petits plats a base de crudités et féculent savamment prépares), le Liban est répute pour la qualité de ses vins. Et depuis fort longtemps : a Baalbeck, le temple dédie a Bacchus est splendide.

    Kefraya, village entièrement vinicole, est le principal fournisseur de raisin destine a la vinification. Bassim Rahal vient d’inaugurer la Cave Kouroum. Ultramoderne, elle est l’une des plus grandes du Moyen-Orient. Pour l’élaboration de ses vins, il s’est assure les services d’un œnologue français, Yves Morard, amoureux de la vigne et du Liban depuis toujours.

    Ensemble, ils produisent aujourd’hui une large gamme de jolis blanc (blanc perle, miss-cat), de rose très plaisants (rose d’amour), plusieurs vins rouges (7cepages, petit noir, . . . )

    Cette cave se trouve dans la Bekaa, a 20 km au sud de Chtoura et se visite tous les jours.

Company News
  • Bekaa Valley among Top 10 wine regions to visit in 2022

    Despite the uncertain times we are (again) going through at the end of this year, all of us at still want to keep a positive attitude and start to plan our next wine trips for 2022. We want you all to do the same and dream with us about sipping a glass of delicious red, white or sparkling wine in an enchanted wine region that you are yet to discover.

  • Winning Prix Special Liban

    On June 25, 2011 the Syrah - Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 was chosen by the Citadelles du Vin panel as one of the top 16 wines of the world.

  • Prix Special Liban

    For the third time, Cave Kouroum has received the Prix Special Liban at the Citadelles du vin 2015.

    The Petit Noir 2013 is a delicate blend of Syrah, Cabernet, Carignan, Grenache and Cinsault. It is a cherry coloured red with a nose of red berry jam. It encloses a fruit in the mouth served by sweet tanins.

  • Cave Kouroum on

    We are happy to announce that Cave Kouroum has been listed on is a website dedicated to connect wineries and wine lovers from all over the world.

    Wine lovers can log in and choose and book from different activities in and around wineries.

    We have shared our winery itinerary which includes a tour of the wine making facilities in addition to tastings in our showroom.

    Log in to to view our winery profile and join in the experience.

  • Vinexpo 2013

    Cave Kouroum in 2013 participated as always in Vinexpo Bordeaux.

    During this exhibition, we proudly like to announce that Cave Kouroum received four awards:

    Gold Medal for the Petit Noir 2012

    Silver Medal for the 7Cepages 2012

    Silver Medal for the Syrah Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

    Silver Medal for the Syrah carignan 2011

  • Arvinis 2013

    The Arvinis Wine fair 2013 hosts Lebanon as the guest of honour.

    Ten Lebanese wineries represented the Lebanese wines to the Swiss public.

    Cave Kouroum was among the leading companies to participate in this event.

  • Vinexpo 2015

    As always, Cave Kouroum participated in the 2015 edition of Vinexpo, Bordeaux.

    During this exhbition, we proudly announce the following awards given to our wines:

    Gold Medal for Petit Noir 2013

    Silver Medal for Syrah 2013

  • SEA award for Development and Environment

    Cave Kouroum was awarded the SEA trophy for Development and Enviroment, for our project of Grape vine planation for Locals.

    The project is a many faceted endeavour that helps in cultivaion of rural areas, development of village communities and agricultural enhancment.

Photo Gallery
  • Petit Noir

    Extracted from a balanced blend of Syrah, Carignan, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cinsault. It has a lovely bright garnet colour with violet reflection and a complex nose with notes of fruits. The tannins are young but well rounded, fresh medium bodied with smooth texture giving a good balance in the mouth with flavours of dark fruits.

    Assorted food:

    Ideal to accompany all occasion and aperitifs.

    Aging Potential:

    8 Years




    Bronze Medal - Decanter 2014 - Petit noir 2014  

    Bronze Medal - Decanter 2014 - Petit Noir 2013

    Gold Medal - Citadelles du vin 2015 - Petit Noir 2013

    Prix Special Liban - Citdalles du vin 2015 - Petit Noir 2013

    Bronze Medal - Decanter 2013 - Petit Noir 2012 

    Bronze Medal - Challenge international 2010 - Petit Noir 2007

    Bronze medal - Challenge International 2006 (2004 vintages)

    Silver Award (Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2007) Petit Noir 2005

    Silver Award (Vinalies Internationales 2007) Petit Noir 2005

    Silver Award( Vinalies International 2009) Petit Noir 2006

  • 7 Cépages

    An Exotic blend of seven grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Merlot, Carignan, Grenache and Gamay. An admirable dark luminous garnet color with balanced and complex aromas of mature red fruits. In the mouth it is ample dry, soft wine with body and concentration and mature tannins combined to give a long lingering expression in the palate with rich texture.

    Assorted food:

    Ideal to accompany pepper steak, strong cheese and strongly spiced red meat.

    Aging Potential:

    8 - 12 years


    2012 - 2013


    Silver Medal (Citadelles du vin 2013) 7Cepages 2012

    Bronze Medal (Decanter 2014) 7Cepages 2013

  • Merlot

    Extracted from the best harvest of Merlot (100%), an opulent ruby colour with violet reflection. It has a complex nose with notes of herbs and flowers. The tannins well rounded, fresh medium bodied with smooth mellow texture giving a good balance in the mouth with flavours of blackberries and currents and hints of mocha.

    Assorted food:

    Ideal to accompany all foods from pizza to fine steaks or with cheeses and salads

    Aging Potential:

    15 years


    2009, 2011


    Trophee Exellence - Citadelles du vin 2011 (vintage 2009)

    Commendation - Decanter World Wine Awards 2012 - (vintage 2011)

  • Syrah

    A distinctive wine elaborated from our finest harvest of Syrah (100%). A clear radiant opaque purple wine with complex aromas of ripe grapes, roses and intense oak. In the palate, it is a balanced dry soft wine of full body and pronounced finish escorted with a silky intense lingering aftertaste of mature tannins, aged in French Oak Barrels for 12 months.

    Assorted food:

    Ideal to accompany all sorts of red meats, Pasta, Poultry and excellent quality of delicate cheese.

    Aging Potential:         

    20 years


    2004, 2011


    Silver Medal (Citadelles du vin 2015) Syrah 2013

    Gold Medal (Decanter 2012) Syrah 2011

    Gold Medal (Vinalies Internationales 2010) Syrah 2007

    Silver Award (Vinalies International 2008) Syrah 2005

    Gold Award (Vinalies Internationales 2007) Syrah 2004

    Silver Award (Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2007) Syrah 2004

  • Syrah - Cabernet Sauvignon

    A special wine extracted from the best vintage of Cabernet Sauvignon (50%) and Syrah (50%). A clear luminous deep violet wine with developed aromas of ripe grapes and oaks. In the mouth, it is a lively well bodied wine with prolonged finish and lingering aftertaste of complex spicy flavors. This wine has a distinct personality with a remarkable ability to display the virtues of the Lebanese terroir, aged in New French Oak Barrels for a period of six month.

    Assorted food:

    Ideal to accompany all sorts of red meats, Game, Pasta, and Poultry.

    Aging Potential:

    20 years




    Silver Medal (Citadelles du vin 2013) Syrah Cabernet 2012

    Silver Medal (Citadelles du vin 2013) Syrah Cabernet 2012

    Silver Medal (Citadelles du vin 2013) Syrah Cabernet 2012

    Prix Special Liban (Citadelles du vin 2011) Syrah Cabernet 2010

    Trophee Citadelle Gold Medal (Citadelles du vin 2011) Syrah Cabernet 2010

    Trophee Excellence Silver Award (Citadelles du vin 2011) Syrah Cabernet 2009

    Trophee Prestige Bronze Award (Citadelles du vin 2010) Syrah Cabernet 2007

    Trophee Prestige / Bronze Award(Citadelle Du Vins 2008 ) Syrah Cabernet 2005

    Trophee Citadelle / Gold Award (Citadelle Du Vins 2009) Syrah Cabernet 2005

    Silver Award (Challenge International Du Vin 2007) Cabernet Sauvignon 2004

    Trophee Presetige Bronze Award (Citadelle du Vins 2009) Syrah Cabernet 2004

  • Blanc Perle

    A refreshing wine blended from Sauvignon Blanc, Grenache Blanc, Viognier, & Clairette. A luminous clear straw colour. Attractive aromatic expression on the nose with aromas of flowers and pineapple. A wine of soft medium body, well structured and fresh because of its acidity. Its intense concentration of yellow fleshed fruits manifests itself in the elegant sweetness in the palate, finishing with a hint of nuttiness in the final.

    Assorted food:
    Ideal to accompany as an aperitif, sushi, grilled fish and soft cheeses.


  • Rosé D'amour

    A charming appealing Rose wine from the blend of best harvest of Cinsault, Grenache and Carignan. With a delightful pale pink, this rosé quickly unfolds its charms. Its attack is lovely and refined followed with a concussion of young fresh red fruits and flowers superb range of aromas. In the palate the wine is a soft medium bodied with rich taste and sustained finish of smooth texture.

    Assorted food:

    Ideal to accompany pasta, poultry, meats, fishes, Italian dishes and Lebanese Meza as well as an aperitif.



  • Miss Cat

    An enchanting fortified wine obtained from the best harvest of Muscat Petit Grains. A clear lustrous viscous pale wine with iridescent straw gold. An attractive wine with aromatic pronounced fruits of peach, apricot, white flowers and orange essence. In the pallet, the wine is sweet, potent with fresh acidity and prolonged lasting finish of over ripen fruits.

    Assorted food: 

    Ideal as an aperitif and to accompany strong cheese & dessert


    2003, 2013

    Awards : 

    Trophée Prestige - Les Citadelles du Vins 2005 (2003vintage)

  • Divine

    A delicate sweet red wine made from mature and ripe Grenache Noir grapes. A cherry colored red, with a nose of cranberry and cherry jam.

    Assorted Foods:

    Ideal as an aperitif and to accompany deserts.



  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    The extra virgin olive oil of Cave Kouroum is extracted from the best harvest of olive garnered at optimum ripeness and milled immediately with cold extraction to retain its nutritive value. It is natural, free of additives and preservatives.

    Extensively monitored and supervised in accordance with strict quality and control requirement. Decanting and filtering are carried in stainless steel sealed vats to isolate from oxygen to ensure properties.

    The oil has perfect aroma, flavors, and color and free from defects. Its acidity level is less than 0.8%.


    A Lebanese famous national drink

    A Lebanese national drink extracted from the triple distillation of grape juice and flavored anis seeds. The grapes are crushed and fermented and then distilled over a low fire using the best technology features to reach the best alcohol style. The distilled product is poured to age and smooth for at least six months

    Assorted food:

    Best accompanied with appetizers and Mezze’s

    Technical Analysis:

    53% Alcohol

    Served with Ice / Water

Our exquisite wines have received outstanding awards during the past years. These awards are clear evidence of our success, excellence and appreciation.
  • Prix Special Liban 2011 - Syrah Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Prix Special Liban 2015 - Petit Noir
  • Trophee Citadelles 2011 - Syrah Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Citadelles du vin 2015 Gold - Petit Noir
  • Citadelles du vin 2013 Gold - Petit Noir
  • Decanter Gold 2012 - Syrah
  • Vinalies 2005 Gold - Syrah
  • Trophee Citadelles 2005 - Syrah Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Vinalies 2007 Gold - Syrah
  • Trophee Citadelle 2007 - 7Cepages
  • Trophee Citadelles 2009 - Syrah Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Vinalies 2010 Gold - Syrah
  • Vinalies 2008 Silver - Syrah
  • Trophee Excellence 2011 - Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Citadelles du vin 2015 Silver - Syrah
  • Trophee Excellence 2011 - Merlot
  • Citadelles du vin 2013 Silver - Syrah Carignan
  • Citadelles du vin 2013 Silver - Syrah Caberent Sauvignon
  • Citadelles du vin 2013 - 7Cepages
  • Trophee Excellence 2011 - Syrah Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Vinalies 2005 Silver - Syrah Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Vinalies 2005 Silver - 7Cepages
  • Trophee Excellence 2005 - 7Cepages
  • Vinalies 2006 Silver - Syrah Carignan
  • Trophee Excellence 2006 - Syrah
  • Challenge 2006 Silver - 7Cepages
  • Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2007 Silver - Petit Noir
  • Challenge 2007 Silver - Syrah Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2007 Silver - 7Cepages
  • Vinalies 2007 Silver - Petit Noir
  • Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2007 Silver - 7Cepages
  • Vinalies 2009 Silver - Petit Noir
  • Trophee Prestige 2010 - Syrah Cabernet Sauvignon
  • International Wine Challenge 2018 Bronze - Petit Noir
  • Decanter 2015 Bronze - Petit Noir
  • Trophee Prestige 2009 - Syrah Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Trophee Prestige 2008 - Syrah Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Decanter 2014 Bronze - Petit Noir
  • Decanter 2014 Bronze - 7Cepages
  • Decanter 2013 Bronze - Syrah Carignan
  • Decanter 2013 Bronze - Petit Noir
  • Decanter Bronze 2012 - Syrah Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Challenge 2006 Bronze - Petit Noir
  • Challenge 2010 Bronze - Petit Noir
  • Trophee Prestige 2005 - MissCat
  • Decanter Commendation 2012 - Merlot
  • International Wine Challenge 2017 Petit Noir
  • International Wine Challenge 2018 Merlot
Our exquisite wines have received outstanding awards during the past years. These awards are clear evidence of our success, excellence and appreciation.

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