A generation of wine makers from Lebanon to the world

Established in 1998, Cave Kouroum, led by Mr. Bassim Rahal, is a renowned Lebanese winery in the Bekaa Valley, producing 4 million liters annually. With a state-of-the-art 7,500m2 winery, a passionate team, including Enologist Karen and Marketer Karim, crafts wines that have garnered global acclaim. Their commitment to excellence and community focus ensures a distinctive, unforgettable wine experience.
A generation of wine makers from Lebanon to the world
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Cave kouroum fine wine
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A Taste of Our Wines

Dive into the rich heritage of Cave Kouroum, nestled in the heart of the Bekaa Valley. Uncover the secrets of our winemaking process, from vineyard to cellar. Indulge in the nuanced flavors of our diverse wine collection, a testament to our passion for excellence and tradition.
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Our Tours & Tasting Visit Packages

Explore and learn about Cave Kouroum’s history, story, and the wine making process from the grape to the bottle, of which concludes the visit with a wine tasting session


Achieving harmony, our wines exhibit a perfect balance of flavors.



Each sip unfolds a rich tapestry of intricate and layered notes.



Lingering and memorable, our wines leave a lasting, satisfying impression.

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Explore our Vineyard

Cradled in the Bekaa Valley, at an altitude of 1000m, our vineyards offer the best premium wine associated with a minimal vineyard manipulation and intervention coupled with distinctive natural attributes.
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join us

Join us in exploring the unique blend of wine and art at Cave Kouroum, situated in our historic vineyard. Experience a convergence like no other in the wine country.

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