Our Journey

Explore Our Story from Vines to Wines

History of Bekaa and winemaking

Since time immemorial, vineyards have thrived on Lebanese soil making Lebanon one of oldest wine producers in the world. It was on this land in the Bekaa Valley that the Ancient Romans built a gorgeous temple and dedicated it to Bacchus, the god of wine.

In the heart of the Bekaa, on the slope of Barouk Mountain, lies the village of Kefraya. Known for many decades as a major supplier of grapes to be used in wine production, the village was and remains the annual meeting place for the region’s merchants in search of grapes. As a result, many farmers devoted their ancestral know-how to invest in new vineyards making this village the heritage wine producing centre of Lebanon Kefraya village has become the first town in Lebanon whose economy revolves solely around viticulture.

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Our Philosophy

We at Cave Kouroum are earnestly dedicated to achieving excellence and sustaining commitment in the application of quality to make superb wine and to provide a special place for passionate wine drinkers to build their wine knowledge and appreciation. Our philosophy is simple: ripe grapes, gentle handling and attention to detail, timely intervention, and thoughtful blending. A blend of traditional methods and new techniques are used to achieve such harmony within the wines, bringing out their natural qualities to the fore. All are expertly combined to offer an exceptional wine to various consumer preferences from the unique Lebanese soil
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History of Kouroum


Mr Bassim RAHAL created his own private winery in 1998. Like a modern day cathedral in the heritage of Kefraya village and nestled on the western slope of the Barouk Mountain, Cave Kouroum overlooks the valley, with its majestic modern architecture.

The result is an impressive building tied together at different levels in a play of natural light and shadow aesthetics. The upper part of the building has a large and elegant patio with a tasting room for visitors, whereas the totality of the lower part is devoted to vinification and the ageing of wine.

Cave Kouroum history
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Covering an area of 7500m2 the ultra modern winery has an annual capacity of 4 million litres. Our state of the art winery is deemed to be one of the most modern vinification facilities in the region, featuring the latest technologies and gaining a reputation for growing high quality grapes and producing world-class wine

Our Founder

Mr. Bassim Rahal

In the village of Kefraya, Mr. Bassim Rahal started his adventure in the wine world. Since he had negotiated the sale of most of the harvest in the past, many producers looked to him for guidance and help. However, as the economy began to suffer, it became more and more difficult to find wineries to purchase the grapes.

Then in 1997, 150 tons of grapes could not be sold. It was impossible for a youthful businessman to let all these grapes rot and after exhausting every possible solution, Bassim Rahal saved his fellow farmers by buying their production and willingly made his first wine in 1997.

The next year the problem arose once again but this time there were 400 tons of grapes. It was at this moment that Mr. Rahal made a risky decision to start a new winery. Thus, the 1998 harvest was rescued and Cave Kouroum was born. The 1998 vintage (Brut de Cuve) was their pride and joy and received extensive praise.

Bassim rahal

Meet the Team

Racha rahal



Racha started in 2005 in international sales and marketing, pursuing opportunities abroad through professional wine exhibitions.
Also serving as vice president of the company from 2010, adding to her activities the day to day operations in addition to the responsibility of managing the purchasing orders for the company’s primary materials.
Currently the company’s general manager and leading the company’s international sales, Racha holds a Master’s degree in Biology, HerioWatt University Scotland and a Master’s degree in business administration, LAU Lebanon.



Growing up in the winery had Karen enamored with wine at a young age and determined to study its making. Winemaking after all is delicate yet knows no boundaries; it is the paragon of science and art. Karen thus decided that she would become an enologist and viticulturist when the time came; a feat she achieved at the age of 22 through a Masters degree in Enology and Viticulture between Montpellier, Lisbon, and Piacenza. Little did she know then how much she had to learn about the world of grape varieties, distinctive wine styles, and tasting techniques, as well as all the amazing people with unique experiences in it. Afterwards, she came back to Lebanon determined to take the family winery to the next level with what she had to offer, whilst learning from the undeniable experience of her predecessors. Today, she has taken over the vinification process to bring to life some of Cave Kouroum’s elegant wines, whilst continuing to reflect the magnificent terroir of the West Bekaa Valley.




Karim Rahhal, born in 1999, is the son of Bassim Rahhal.
Throughout his lifetime, he developed a passion for business.
Graduated from LAU with a bachelors degree in Marketing and Management. Participated in the Event organizing club and entrepreneurship club during his years at LAU. Participated in many projects in the marketing and management courses taken at LAU, example: designing a a marketing strategy for iStyle Lebanon, and presenting it in front of the owners and winning an award for being one of the best presentations.
He is an optimistic person, who loves to get the job done no matter what it takes. Dedicated, hard working, and pays attention even to the slightest detail. Sees the world through different perspectives in order to ensure that he gives his best, both to his work and to his coworkers; he doesn’t let any obstacle stand in his way.
Attends wine events where he represents Cave Kouroum winery and he currently works with restaurants across Beirut, Baabda, and Jounieh.